Dancing All Night

Dancing All Night

If not now when

will these legs work again

run a race

snapping across finish lines

first off the blocks

instead the veins crawl visibly

like road maps

up a wrinkled mountain?

Where oh where

are those black bushy eyebrows

the ones you loved so much

now white mixed with youth?

We danced naked in the dark

Margaritas on ice and love on fire

making love until morning’s

bruised sun peeks in on our spent love.

I never breathed a sober breath

it was no problem my since you

embraced my soul at hello.

Black Ants

If you think, if you dream, life is where you need to be.  We should all live in a no war zone.  There’s no room in the logical mind for killing, brutality, and butchery.  Open your mind.  Pry and squeeze or whatever way you must to open your brain to reason, to peace, and good Karma.


The belief that everything happens for a reason just might be wrong.  Perhaps some things happen serendipitously like walking into the street and being hit by a car, or walking into the street and not being hit by a car.  It’s not always guided by some finger appearing out of the sky and with a deep Charlton Heston voice saying, “Don’t walk into the street!”  Sometimes an ant is crushed inadvertently by the black heels of illogical thoughts.

The President’s Circus

How do you cage a child like a litter of pups,

mother across the street worried

onlookers with cameras mumbling

in disgust, “three bucks a ticket” for this?

The pups died in a week, no attention,

onlookers stopped coming.

New events elsewhere “for free.”

The AG elf smirks, “I have more.”

His mythical god would charge five

to see a torture among the pups.

So there for the world to see

Jessie waterboarded a Terrier.


I can hear the gentle wind

across your tombstone granite

blowing lightly empty words

words you never spoke alive

blowing still, still so slight

are you wondering

are you echoing

what was never said to you?

Yet whisper does the wind

as it careens lightly off trees

whispering soft repentance

for words too often spoken

Now I walk away

breezes brush my back

away from your death

with words left, still unspoken.

Love so Capricious

“Kiss me,” I said to her but she disregarded my offer, shoved it aside like an old chair. “Tell me where I should go from here.” I pleaded. Still, she gave no attention to me. “I love you,” My final plea.

She turned and smiled as crookedly as the road home and with one sweeping move she thrust a dagger into my chest. Love so final yet so capricious

My Story of America


Long stemmed grass stuck between my teeth

shock of black hair blowing in a summer breeze

I lost count of puffy clouds slow motion journey

across my panoramic view of childhood.

I guess life awoke my sleeping innocence

eighteen and America counted on me

to kill protect uphold words written

before my naiveté before I could shoot a gun.

Dark spots growing across this wrinkled skin

tell a story repeated in so many volumes

so many stories lost on hills valleys jungles

headless soldiers burned like a Sunday barbecue.

Did Uncle Harry, Grandpa Seth, Daddy Johnny

come marching home again hoorah hoorah

did anyone wave their bloody legless bodies

in the air and scream “I’m buying.”

America’s stories are written in blood

hot rivets and soured sweat let’s kill those reds

yellows blacks browns and baby eggs

let’s kill mothers collateral relevance is all.

Peace is reading a newspaper want ad

grandkids suckling in the parlor

growing gun hands and running feet

they too will learn too soon, too soon

So what’s your plan little child soldier

go to college learn you are useless learn

Thomas Jefferson loved black women?

His genius mind is lost forever in the southern plan.

Learn that God is only you inside a Santa suit

learn your parents were wrong about freeways

cause nothing is free especially not your way

money pays for the paper George and John wrote upon.

This is my America you don’t like you shun

like dumpster diving rat lovers

cardboard mangers sitting on steam grates

back alleys backwashes backstabbing.

Grab your last pay check and scream hoorah

parade your colors of black and blue

life is not mine to keep or yours to take

salute this brass bell America shoot my head off hoorah.

Eternity is Scary


I am scared sometimes in empty rooms

not certain why maybe it’s the ghosts

of my history silently floating clouds

old haunts old guilt old miseries.

I am uncertain about hereafter,

heretofore, hereby, and here

it confuses me to think somewhere

in the dirt of my grave will be an angel.

Do you understand the Armageddon

the burning ring of fire Johnny Cash

whistled in the shower with June

July and August somewhere in the background?

Eternity seems to be immeasurable

in terms of finite and infinite math

Jesus played baseball for St. Louis

God built a damn somewhere in Idaho.

Evangelicals run it all someone declares

Pope Benedict polished his silver hammer

I’m lost in this manmade universe called heaven

who ratted on Moses and his Red Sea magic?