Heart and Brain

Sometime in mid April I lost my pigmentation.  I no longer have the same coloring as a pig’s nose.  Somehow my skin has become clear and transparent.  You can see my blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and even my heart.  For the first time I realize my heart isn’t the same shape as those you see on Valentine’s Day cards.  It’s fatty and kind of rolls around in my chest.

I have learned that all my parts work in harmony, hence, my heart and brain work in tandem.  I suppose my discovery isn’t new, but the idea of having a heart and a brain that seem to cooperate with each other is mind-blowing.  I’m slow I guess or maybe my brain and heart thing delayed the hooking up idea until I aged, not sure really.

In younger years it seemed my heart just functioned alone without brain input.  Maybe that’s how it’s meant to work.  I didn’t start making decisions with my heart and brain working as a team until I was about forty.  Maybe that’s the reason for the old clichè “life begins at forty.”  I never believed that chunk of wisdom.  For me, life begins everyday when I wake up.   That’s why I hate to sleep.  I’m always afraid I’ll miss something new and fun while I’m snoring away at night.

Now that I’ve totally lost all my pigmentation no one seems to know what to call me.  If I cut someone off in traffic what are they going to scream at me, “Hey transparent person knock it off?”  Bigots can’t call me nasty names because there aren’t any nasty names for invisible.  This is such fun.  I wish I could give this new gift to everyone.  Just imagine, no one could pin a label on you.  Therefore, they couldn’t call you the “N” word or “Cracker Boy”, “Spik”, or “Politician.”  I just threw that last one, Politician, in there because they might be the only ones that deserve a damn good pejorative to describe them. Can you tell that the little buggers in our Capitol leave a nasty taste in my mouth.  It’s kind of like the taste you have in your mouth after taking a pill without the assistance of a glass of water.

So the purpose of this story (What? You’ve guessed it already) is that we need to use our brains and stop calling our friends our fellow human nasty and unacceptable names.  None of us are labels.  We are humans and part of a family.  Let’s be transparent and invisible to the arrogance of life.


  1. vondanorwood · May 23, 2015

    Your respect for the world and all the people who share it, is what I admire about you, Stan. 😀


    • sdgrimes · May 23, 2015

      Thanks Vonda. That means a great deal to me.

      You are a sweetie.

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      • vondanorwood · May 23, 2015

        Happy birthday, and thanks for the smile 😀


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