The War That Never Was


A few weeks back the state of Texas decided that the Federal Government was going to attack them from sea, land, and air simply because the military began training exercises in the southern part of the state. In order to protect his state from the evil empire ran by President Obama, Governor Greg Abbott called on his state’s National Guard to monitor those U.S. training exercises.  I live in Indiana but for precaution my wife and I hid in our basement.  We feared the worse, nuclear fallout.  Thankfully the military exercise was just that, an exercise.  Of course these exercises have occurred for years in Texas, but…well, you just never know when America just might decide to attack itself.

The folks in Texas have been brutalized by Mother Nature.  Flooding has taken lives, destroyed homes, ruined infrastructure, and has caused unfathomable damage.  It is so very sad and my heart goes out to those who have lost much in this horrible force of nature.  No one can understand their loss and the tragedy inserted abruptly into their lives.

Of course there is a sprig of irony in all of this.  The very governor who just weeks prior to this disaster thought his country was attacking the Lone Star state, is now at the mercy of the evil empire.  I must add that Texas and Oklahoma should and will receive Federal dollars for their monumental losses, but somewhere here a lesson must be learned.

Personally (and only personally) I think we could all learn a lesson.  I remember a great teacher I once had in junior high school civics class.  She told her students that no matter who was president he or she should be respected no matter their politics.  I think we could add to her lesson, “no matter the race, gender preference, or religion.”  We cannot hate someone on rumors and misinformation.

Over the years I have learned that just because someone tells you that you’re a loser, doesn’t make it so.  A loser is a loser only if they believe they’re a loser.  President Obama might not have been your choice, but he is your president.  George Bush was not my choice but I didn’t fill my mind tank up with high octane hate for eight years.  He was our president and he did some okay stuff.  At the ripe age of sixty-nine I appreciate his Rx program for seniors, paid for or not.  It has pulled me out of the medication debt-pit many seniors before me suffered through.

I think hate belongs only on the battlefield and not our backyards, churches, jobs, and bedrooms.  We must try our damndest to be civil and accepting of our neighbors, friends, and family.

Hey, thanks for reading, and have a great day.  I must now go outside and pretend I’m doing something constructive in the yard.