A man with a gun is a strong man

standing his ground

gonna whip the black man

gonna burn that cross

cause Jesus is happy to see

the baby clean heads

God’s warriors gonna protect

the constitution

Come hell or high water.

Gonna kill the children jumpin rope

playin in the streets where bullets

follow serendipitous paths

one dead maybe four more

it’s all in the Bible you see

one black baby worth seven wolf skins.

The kings with thirty in the clip

go to the movie and kill what must be killed

that’s the way the game is played.

Smokin’ guns are fun

stop and frisk the Muslim man

the black, the poor, the trash

we don’t need no more.

Expendable life like milk cartons

on a planet spinning into doom

Arctic washing machines will cleanse

the dirty clothes once again

LA will float to Siberia

and the dirty cops will drown

cause Jesus loves them all.