A Glass of Wine and a Bible


A Glass of Wine and a Bible

Someone gave me a wafer
the body of Christ they said
1994 Merlot his blood
I ate the wafer, got drunk
hung all night on a toilet bowl
puking all my sins away.

Confess cried the faceless pope
on your knees face in the pillow pray
God loves you but not today
so pray and pray
until the pillow goes away
Jesus always wins the games we play.

Sitting in a jail cell I wonder
what the hell can I tell
Jonah and his favorite whale?
It is time for morning prayer
no food until Jesus blows his whistle
I’m running the outside track to hell.

Don’t follow me I follow you,
your dreams much better than mine
soon you will grow
powerful in the Lord’s presence
not a dead sparrow goes unnoticed

by his bloodshot eyes.