I Am Ugly: Part V



A good Christian would not kill a doctor who performs abortions.  A good Muslim would not kill a city full of people.  But a good Ayn Rand lover without a flicker in his brow steals money from poor school children, old people, and the down trodden in his land just so he can fly first class.  Ayn Rand was an asshole worshipped by more assholes and the wind continues to whisper across the tombstones of all her victims in Texas, Kansas, and Mississippi. She was a global asshole.


A rusty haired man with puckered lips is the ugliest of ugliness.  Women fuck him with hope of nabbing a piece of his multi-million dollar meringue.  What has he given to his Christian friends?  He has pulled the trigger of insurrection with the help of fat people with teabags hanging from their sun hats.  They use words they truly don’t understand in a world they don’t truly understand.  Nationalism has killed and continues to kill the blind and ignorant, all for a loaf of bread or a bowl of rice.


There is no God because a benevolent God could not sleep through the mass murders of his children.  God is just another rich man’s game, a game of human checkers being knocked off the table spilling a glass of good whiskey and momma’s cookies.  Spill blood not good whiskey is the goal of the so called anti-Christ.  God is the power of man to control another man.  God is money.  I have no money.