Freedom Finally


Freedom Finally

My fathers’ bones line my mind
were they brave
did they die free
did they shout to the world
today’s the day for us to die
to hell with tomorrow?

Did they fight the famine
with plows and seeds?
Did they love deeply
and kiss the earth
upon which they walked?
They left me nothing.

I only know the kings are dead
just as dead as my father
no deader no less than dust
in death they are twins
no royalty in the gloaming
of mausoleums.

Death undresses us all
when that final breath
calls us to the grave
equality finally
there is no skin
to separate the world.



  1. America On Coffee · April 25, 2016



  2. America On Coffee · April 25, 2016

    I love your blog title…I find it hilarious!


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