Hail to the Chief


Morning breaks in America

once again flags are flying,

murder on the lips of many.

Are you one?

Hate is not a distant light.

Hate is the broken light of democracy,

safe havens, halfway houses, and shelters.

Each give way to the brown boots preaching Jesus.

Is this the America Thomas, Ben, and John wrote about?

Did they desire the desserts of here and now?

Awaken all of you with a song in your heart.

Sing now for freedom before the drums begin

and weakness retreats to the bowels of the Dachau ovens.


Wave glory flags to the man whose God kills

yet Jesus loving robots won’t kill unless

dark skin babies are born in ghetto birth canals.

Listen to subway sounds as the coat hanger makes its mark

on a dirty alley pavement and fish heads sucked

by the brown rats of God and His twelve blind mice.

Sing in tabernacles of skin,

bring your game face

to the human race.

Your neighbors might hate you

but weakness lies their hate.

Guns with tongues chopping up the truth.

Oh America what have you done?