To say that the U.S.A. is divided is redundant and rather mundane to readers nowadays.  We’ve heard it all.  Trump is irrelevant, Clinton screwed up her chances, and Steve Bannon is a white supremist.  It’s time in my mind for all of us to stop acting so naïve.  We knew it all.  We suspected Russian interference.  We knew Trump was rude, rudimentary, vulgar, and a loud mouthed fascist.  We knew it.

Yet he was elected as President.  No one’s going to impeach him because no one gives a damn.  At least no one in the Republican Party and that’s about the sum of it all.  Time to stop the “what ifs” and the “we’re going to whine for a long time.” platitudes, America is better than that (at least we have been in the past).  Democrats must figure out how their party’s going to win back the Senate in 2018.

Face it Republicans will always be conservative.  Liberals will always be social progressives.  So, if you’re going to chop the democracy in two pieces, go for it.  Stop the whining, threatening to move to Canada and do something to match your words.   I’m all for it.  Hell, I live in Indiana, the home of our evangelical Vice President.  I’m a far-off- the charts lefty.  Would I be happy to give up my happy home in one of the country’s alt right states?  Hell yes.  So let’s stop complaining and do something.

I have a great experience with the wrath, hatred, and muted aggressive behaviors from both strains of the ideological chart.  I mentioned the dirty words social democracy on Facebook once and received some new and anatomically impossible names, but I still sleep at night, no matter.  Democrats and Republicans must admit that a large portion of our country want a European style social democracy.  The remaining portion wants a Calvinistic plutocracy ruled by royal families and their gumby-like lords.

Will I catch some flak for this issue?  Maybe, maybe not, it’s going up on my blog and not many people read my blog.  Those who happen to read it will probably drop me as a viable candidate for their readership.  Oh well, I’m old and I’m sticking with it.  I declare my insanity is caused by dementia and all that other stuff seventy year olds get.

Don’t dump Trump.  Let’s dump our system of governing.  Our current system really sucks and there’s too many mosquitoes in Canada.


  1. r.Douglas · April 9, 2017

    I’m not sure what our system of governance is. So I’m not sure just what to dump. But the politics of electing those to manage this, “I don’t know what,” is all about messaging and money… lies and lucre. And I’m not sure there’s any escaping that, irrespective of one’s GPS. Canadian mosquitoes not with standing.


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    • sdgrimes · April 9, 2017

      Thanks for your comment. It’ll probably be a discussion in homes and hollers long after my passing.
      Thanks again,


  2. MG WELLS · May 8, 2017

    Agreed. We need to change the system. Best wishes, Stan. Thanks for your support.


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