An aging ghost of a little man worked in the rice paddies in Vietnam, a father, grandfather, and devoted husband.  He never lived to see his great grandchildren.  The gunner’s bullets sprayed the workers in the paddy, all dead except for a baby hugging his mother’s body as she fell, bloody and vacant.  They were ants in the gunner’s eyes, nonexistent enemies…just target practice.


A drone flies silently above the clouds and sees movement in the hidden mountains below it, computers can do wonders.  With a push of a button the operator miles away tells the airplane to release its missiles.  Twelve children eating bread and insipid soup during their school lunch are no longer learning about life.  Education terminated captain, over and out.

What a great world we live in.  Just die at the push of a button…isn’t it great?


A big man with a suit and tie wants to own all of the vaginas in the world, the “great vagina king” he will be called when he reaches his destination after death.  His God will say job well done Senator.  “Do you love your children?”

Scratching his head he puzzled, “Can’t remember but I do love vaginas. I think they will always remember me.”

“Please enter through the jaws of heaven and welcome.  We have lots of vaginas here just for you to rule, grab to your heart’s content.”

The man in the suit thought something might be wrong when God’s face turned sour and cynicism found voice.  “I have a very large vagina just for you.”  Snapping her fingers she sent him to Vagina Hell where vaginas eat assholes like him for breakfast.


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