I’m Sorry Arthur Shoemaker

I had a friend many years ago though his name wasn’t Arthur Shoemaker.  The name I invented for his privacy as well as mine.  Arthur passed away several years ago without knowing his impact on my life, both spiritually and intellectually.  We were friends, but before I could tell him how much he was loved, he passed.  I am sorry Arthur, but I offer now my very own eulogy to a man that I loved for his simple joy for living.


I’m Sorry Arthur Shoemaker


  1. I’m sorry you were born into a dysfunctional family and felt the hard burns of detachment throughout your childhood.
  2. I’m sorry for the indignities brought to you by your stepfather and a mother who closed her eyes to your abuse.
  3. I’m sorry for your inability to be loved and to love during your youth. Your detachment from the herd of social conformity can only be blamed on your intelligence and individuality, nothing else.
  4. I’m sorry that the hatred and vitriol that eats at our brothers and sisters of the world made you cry so many nights.
  5. I’m sorry you never met a woman to share your mind or your need for children. It was a loss that nothing can replace.
  6. I’m sorry that your lack of belief in a God has caused emotional trauma in your life, but know this, goodness comes from within and not without.
  7. I’m so sorry that you and I did not know each other in our college and youthful years. There is so much we share.
  8. Finally, Arthur Shoemaker I’m sorry you’re gone. Debbie and I miss you beyond words.  My sadness eats at me each time I think of you.