Goodbye Lou

Goodbye Lou

Chocolate eyes dance across the stage

Young prince guitar ablaze

Mind wandering through the haze

A spider’s maze of drugs they say.

Ah yes it was a perfect day,

a movie, a chilled glass of Sangria.

The colored girls stared and smiled

as your satellite of love flew

across the universe.

Never one to be afraid to walk the streets,

the wild streets, New York, LA,

November never made its way

sadly October laid you away.

Graveyard for Poets

Graveyard for Poets

A poet who grows old

is carried on bare shoulders of skeptics.

No one thinks he wrote a lick.

His name unknown in a world that knows

the names of all big stars.

He’s not one of them

so he goes to sleep on a starry night

never to write another love story

about the woman crying by his bed

her umbrella weeps in harmony.

Nothing to Say



What do you say when you’re out of words?

The dead horse won’t move

Phoenix won’t rise

like god above fluming ashes.

A hotel with only vacancies

a voice above the ocean’s roar

unheard unseen unknown

with no dreams sleep is barren.

A swinging sign

broken arm in the wind

for sale to no one

words cannot pay

for my rent or food

desperation is a lonely friend

time a lonely enemy

death the ultimate home for words.

The President’s Circus

How do you cage a child like a litter of pups,

mother across the street worried

onlookers with cameras mumbling

in disgust, “three bucks a ticket” for this?

The pups died in a week, no attention,

onlookers stopped coming.

New events elsewhere “for free.”

The AG elf smirks, “I have more.”

His mythical god would charge five

to see a torture among the pups.

So there for the world to see

Jessie waterboarded a Terrier.


I can hear the gentle wind

across your tombstone granite

blowing lightly empty words

words you never spoke alive

blowing still, still so slight

are you wondering

are you echoing

what was never said to you?

Yet whisper does the wind

as it careens lightly off trees

whispering soft repentance

for words too often spoken

Now I walk away

breezes brush my back

away from your death

with words left, still unspoken.

Love so Capricious

“Kiss me,” I said to her but she disregarded my offer, shoved it aside like an old chair. “Tell me where I should go from here.” I pleaded. Still, she gave no attention to me. “I love you,” My final plea.

She turned and smiled as crookedly as the road home and with one sweeping move she thrust a dagger into my chest. Love so final yet so capricious