Maria Lena

Maria Lena

Just a matter of heartbeats

green line bleeping

sparrow wings whispering

in silence on a hot summer swell

keeps us cocoon safe

should one heart cease

the other will surely follow.

We danced moonlight naked

our love the greatest miracle

I am certain in the whole wide world

like an ocean and wet sand

we stood breathless

swaying to cicada orchestras

Maria Lena plays from somewhere

beneath a starlit night

smoke wafting its way

fire pit pungeant

lips kiss lightly

soon the world stopped

for just a moment tilting

on its axis throwing you

deeper into me

it is meant to be.


Nothing to Say



What do you say when you’re out of words?

The dead horse won’t move

Phoenix won’t rise

like god above fluming ashes.

A hotel with only vacancies

a voice above the ocean’s roar

unheard unseen unknown

with no dreams sleep is barren.

A swinging sign

broken arm in the wind

for sale to no one

words cannot pay

for my rent or food

desperation is a lonely friend

time a lonely enemy

death the ultimate home for words.

I am God

Standing far away

the world looks good

shaved and showered

clean cut and blue

If you stand on a canyon’s edge

words escape you

the awesome and impotence

beyond your power

thus is the god of my soul

I am amazed at a million years

a million tears a million wars

still I stand as the Monarch

The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Black dress dark rose and tears

death is dark, black like tar

it is night without a moon

clouds on edge of exploding

is there a lesson in staring

at the waxed corpse arms crossed

children have nightmares

grandpa’s corpse doesn’t move to soothe

his grandchild’s request to play

dark suited men smile blankly

as a man in cloth repeats last week’s prayer

bless this man with his very own closet

bless his embalming and fine haircut

all dressed up to rot like his new neighbors

homecoming presents of carnations and queen’s lace

death imitates life without exchange of words

without the oohs and ahs once found in breathing.

Voices from the Furnace

I packed my bags.

Doctor said you gotta go boy.

I left my love for you dear,

locked up my memories,

sang my last song,

and followed the needle.

My last drip, now a blur

trailed by midnight blue

the only suit I owned.
I am sand and stones, all gifts

from the crematorium.

Eternal Rock

Words march goose stepping to the songs of Jesus

Invisibly his friend Holy Ghost played the bass

God clapped his hands and made dust

which still covers Oklahoma

Texas and Nebraska

Thank Moses for some bluegrass music.