Summer Day




Summer Day

Remember we played at your dad’s funeral home

you hid in coffins scaring the shit out of me

laughing your deep belly laugh

my body trembled as each lid opened slowly.

Where are you now Bobby, new games for you to play?

Did Vietnam strike you down like so many friends?

I’d rather think not, feels better that way

Where’s your horse sister?  I laughed as she galloped

the sidewalks of our neighborhood, a stallion with two legs.

Memories so dear to me now, I relive them every now and then

I hope you do too.


His Memory





The lantern cast shadows

like so many tentacles

reaching to each corner

in the dank dusty room.

An old woman stared sadly

a young man’s picture

framed and time yellowed

she once loved him fiercely.

Outside wind whispered life

through cracked windows

with eyes vacant

time robbed her of expression.

Secretly she kissed the picture

tucking it deep inside

her heart broken chest

and slowly began to die.

Tunnel Vision



Tunnel Vision

There are no divisions
in tunnel vision
no television
just monotonic love
no stereo sound
no venus mound
just turnaround
catch the next wave
ride the pipeline
of tunnel vision
eyes ahead
don’t look at the dead
no room for poetry
just keep your eyes ahead.

God and Santa

  • Zamboni.SilouetteI



I remember as a kid I always got Santa Claus and God confused.  They kind of looked the same you know.  God supposedly sat on a cloud with a white beard blowing with the winds of heaven.  He was dressed in a one shoulder robe, didn’t notice any chest hairs.  I suppose they were white as well.  He looked pissed off because a bunch of cherubs were floating around him.  I guess that particular version of God didn’t like sweet little cherubs.  The look, it was one of those “get the hell away from me” looks.  You know the kind. The one your old man always gave you when you kept asking him how much farther to St. Louis.

As for Santa Claus he acted more like some kind of God I could dig.  He had beautiful snow white hair and he smiled from ear to ear.  The best thing about him is that he wanted everyone to have a toy or some kind of present under the Christmas tree.  He only asked for cookies and milk or something that looked like cookies and milk.  One year I left him a can of condensed milk.  It must have worked because the can was gone in the morning.  Funny thing that, mom had a can just like it in the kitchen cabinet, looked like the one I snuck out.  Back to Santa, he was a happy guy and never really got pissed off at anyone, naughty or nice.

We really don’t need some ruthless bastard running the universe, a Donald Trump pouting his lips and blowing the winds of war throughout the world.  We need a soft spoken social worker or maybe a kind nurse who loves the bipolar, the Down syndrome kids, and the thieves of this world.  They need love.  We need love, all of us, not just Christians…but all of us.



Board the train you said

crescent moon smile

covering your face.

I stepped into ethereal darkness

only to discover no footing.

I floated through your mind

over snowy fields where dreams

ran like beasts in pursuit of time.

Your feather light hands guided me

through a sugar bowl of love.

I quaked at the horizon before me,

empty and vacant, burned like Venus.

You smiled teeth of sadness,

“You have traveled far

heaven is here for you and I.”

Tears fell into the nothingness.

The well of life has no bottom.